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lyskonoh úzkozobý, samice / Red-necked Phalarope, female (Phalaropus lobatus)

lyskonoh úzkozobý, samice / Red-necked Phalarope, female (Phalaropus lobatus)

lyskonoh úzkozobý, samice / Red-necked Phalarope, female (Phalaropus lobatus)

lyskonoh úzkozobý, samice / Red-necked Phalarope, female (Phalaropus lobatus)

lyskonoh úzkozobý, samice / Red-necked Phalarope, female (Phalaropus lobatus)

lyskonoh úzkozobý, samice / Red-necked Phalarope, female (Phalaropus lobatus)

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Sunday, 04 December 2011 00:31

Krakow collectors

I took only some basic photo stuff with me when I went to a business trip to polish Krakow last year November. I had no chance to go out from the city but fortunately the hotel I was staying at was located right next to the Visla river. Thus I took at least the 200mm lens when I made a few afternoon walks along the riverbank in an attempt to capture some of the city bird inhabitants. Mostly these were Ducks and Gulls but there was also a number of Rooks and Jackdaws - the "collectors" that were gathering in small groups around litter bins in city parks.

Rook (Corvus frugilegus)


The good thing when shooting city birds is that they are used to presence of human but this convenience disappears once you stop and stare at the birds with your big lens. Therefore the good pictures I got were just a fraction of what I have seen. From that little I pick a few shots I like - especially the Jackdaw pair that lingered several days on the sediments at the riverbank in a search for some goodies - almost romantic sight :-)

Some more pictures of birds from Krakow can be seen HERE.


Common Jackdaw (Corvus monedula)


Common Jackdaw (Corvus monedula)


Rook (Corvus frugilegus)



Last Updated on Sunday, 04 December 2011 01:33
Comments (124)
  • Štěpán Mikulka  - Mám rád krkavcovité:-)

    Jsem rád, že ses s článečky rozjel kamaráde:-).

  • Jirka

    Ahoj Štěpáne, já jsem taky rád a doufám, že mi to vydrží, jak jsem psal nedávno, nechci to moc hrotit abych "nevyhořel". Snad taky bude o čem, zima je konečně tu a už mám připravené na Tvou radu zrní pro bělokury ;-)

  • honza

    Jojo byl jsem v Krakove vloni a kavek tam teda bylo docela hodne. At se dari-)H.

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